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gibson rotatory switch

A rotatory switch, five positions (four channels)

That’s it. This will make the magic. Today I had to find out how it works. I grab my tester, some crocodile, and I discover that this has two distinct channel, one per crown. These switch have all a common pin, generally near the “column” that keep all parts together. They have six pin per side, so my five states rotatory switch has four channel instead of two of eleven states switch. I have not a six states rotatory switch so I can’t know how it works. Maybe they have seven pins per side.

Once you’ll find the common pin you have the key for wiring this.

les paul gibson

Gibson Les Paul custom black beauty

First of all you should forgive me for my english. I’m Italian, I’m graduated but I know well my english isn’t so good. I made this blog for discuss an old project: customizing an epiphone les paul black beauty. It’s an old project because I buy this guitar some years ago with the intent to make her custom. Read More »