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Monthly Archives: May 2011

So this is it. P-94, P57 splitable, P57, Gibson/Shaller bridge. This is the aspect of my guitar. With the copper insulation completed I can mount the pickups and the string. Because the body is rear routed I can now test the sound of pickups connecting the cables and designing the whole circuit. She looks fine, isn’t it? Uncovered zebra humby give her the kind of look of Clapton’s Les Paul custom, as you could see in the Lennon’s live in Toronto.


I’ve chosen classic Tusq white corian for my nut. This an important choose: nut influence the sound of guitar. Believe me, when I put a bronze nut in my acustic guitar sounds changes. It becomes very bright and the guitar (a Takamine) lose some of bulky bass tones.

Tusq made for Epiphone two different nuts: standard and XL. I don’t know how different is XL nut. I put the standard and is pretty good. Action is a little bit high, but I feel it just because the string I’ve mounted are fatty gibson. Gibson Les Paul action is lower than Epiphone. They have better frets. But you can play this guitar, with a little more difficulty for much much less of Gibson price.

tusq nut les paul

I’ve used copper to fill the rout of the guitar. In theory this should provide less amount of hum for the single coil.


This is the finished work

copper insulation les paul copper insulation les paul