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les paul gibson

Gibson Les Paul custom black beauty

First of all you should forgive me for my english. I’m Italian, I’m graduated but I know well my english isn’t so good. I made this blog for discuss an old project: customizing an epiphone les paul black beauty. It’s an old project because I buy this guitar some years ago with the intent to make her custom. I was surprised at the time because she sounds very good, even with the original pickups. She have problems with frets; problems I hope to resolve bring she to a professional… I don’t know, a liutaio, a person who build guitars and make perfect settings. But that is the simple part of the plan. My part is bring new life to the electric circuit of this guitar. I buy three pickups, original gibson: P57 neck, P57 bridge (splitable), P94r. I also would configurate the guitar like an ES 345, but instead of variotone I choose a rotative switch for set the middle configuration of three ways switch. The combination are maybe too much: with the P94r that has reverse phase and the P57 splitable, it’s kind a five pickups guitar.

Also, I but push&pull knobs and I intend to use them for tone, inverting the RC circuit from a low-pass filter to an hi-pass filter. I’m not going to make new holes in my guitar: I’ll sacrifice a volume because I have two volume in tandem, I will keep two different knobs for tone (because I have two different circuit: one 500kohms and the other for the single coils on 250), and the forth hole is for the rotative switch, eleven positions. Three ways switch remain where it is, but instead of classic switch (that has on/on/on-on states) I choose a true on/on/on.

I’m also going to change all other mechanical parts: for the tuno-o-matic I’ve choose a shaller bridge and a gibson retainer (?). I have allready the grover tuning machines but I’m thinking to exchange with shaller again.

This is my project and this is also my firs english blog.


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